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Corporate Effectuation (Engelse versie) (e-boek)

Corporate Effectuation (Engelse versie) (e-boek)
Titel: Corporate Effectuation (Engelse versie) (e-boek)
Auteur: Thomas Blekman
Bestelnr.: 9789052619040
Uitgever: Academic Service
Prijs : € 24,99
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Did you ever wonder why successful entrepreneurs always seem to accomplish magical results, even in uncertain times, while others struggle on a daily basis? What do they do differently? What can managers really learn from successful entrepreneurs? Thomas Blekman from De Beukelaar Groep and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University presents the answer. Corporate Effectuation brings a scientifically proven method called Effectuation to corporate organizations. Effectuation consists of 5 principles that help managers cope with uncertainty and unpredictability: - Bird in hand principle - Affordable loss principle - Crazy quilt principle - Lemonade principle - Pilot in the plane principle The 5 principles are proven in a corporate context in collaboration with 17 path banding co-authors. In this book, valuable case studies are presented such as Philips, RWE Essent, Rabobank, KVD, University Hospital of Maastricht and De Beukelaar Groep. A changing world requires strategic flexibility. Corporate Effectuation offers a new view of corporate entrepreneurship and illuminates insight into new tools for corporations such as Business Modeling and Reframing. After reading Corporate Effectuation there is no longer reason to be a smart-follower. Apply these new insights and you too can be a smart-creator. Thomas Blekman offers insight into where new opportunities come from and the process and tools by which they are created. Stuart Read, Professor in Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IMD Switzerland 'Enterprises that can deploy both the causal approach and effectuation will be the winners of tomorrow. Dr. Fred van Ommen, CTO, Senior Vice President of Innovation Excellence, Philips Electronics It is a paradigm-shifting work, and therefore a serious candidate to become the Management Book of the Year 2012. Marco van Veen, Manager of Heineken International Web Center



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